Financial Assistance

How We Help

The Royal Canadian Legion provides financial assistance to serving and former Canadian Armed Forces members, RCMP, and their families who are in financial distress. Grants are available for food, heating, clothing, prescription medication, medical appliances and equipment, essential home repairs and emergency shelter or assistance. Smaller comforts can also be provided to Veterans and surviving spouses who are hospitalized.

Assistance to a Veteran cannot be provided over an extended period but can be offered more than once.

Eligibility for assistance

Any Veteran or Veteran’s dependent in need of assistance is eligible to apply for financial aid from the Poppy Trust Fund, including:

  • Any person who is serving or who has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP, as well as their dependents
  • Merchant Navy personnel who have been awarded campaign stars or decorations, as well as their dependents
  • Ex-service personnel of Commonwealth countries and their dependents who reside in Canada
  • Ex-service personnel of allied countries and their dependents who reside in Canada

Application requirements

The application process includes:

  • The completion of the Benevolent Fund Application
  • Undergoing a financial means review
  • Provide income as well as justification for claimed monthly expenses that are unusual or higher than average, if requested
  • Additional information may be required, such as: specialized medical reports; supplier estimates, other possible sources of funding, etc.

Download the Benevolent Fund Application and submit to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 001.

Other benevolent funds

Provides assistance to ex-servicemen and women who served in the Royal Canadian Navy, as well as former or serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have significant service in operational units of Maritime Command or the RCN including Army and Air Force personnel who used naval or sea element rank designations.

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The Canadian Forces Support Our Troops (SOT) Program

Provides financial assistance to serving and former CF members and their families. Some of these programs include:

  • Military Families Fund:
    Provides emergency support to serving and former military families.
  • The Soldier On Fund:
    Provides proactive support to seriously injured or ill serving and former CAF personnel by enabling them to pursue physical activity, recreation and sport.
  • The Hospital Comforts Fund:
    Provides support to hospitalized CAF members with access to basic comforts of home such as newspapers, access to television and internet and commissary goods.

Poppy Trust Fund bursaries

As part of the Legion’s commitment to Veterans and their families, Legion Branches may grant bursaries through the Poppy Trust Fund to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, spouse or surviving spouse of current or serving members of the Canadian Armed of Allied Forces or RCMP, who need financial assistance to pursue a post-secondary education.